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Is a Normal Tooth Extraction Different From Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

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If you're an adult and have learned or suspect that you may need to have a tooth extracted, your mind may drift to memories of having your wisdom teeth taken out. While wisdom teeth extractions are undergone by most people, not everyone will need their other teeth taken out. So if you're curious if you can expect the same sort of experience with a normal tooth extraction as your wisdom teeth extraction experience, here's what you should know.

Easier or the Same?

When it comes to normal dental extractions, the process tends to be practically identical to having your wisdom teeth taken out. In some cases, it may be even easier. With any tooth that's being extracted, the tooth is usually at least partially surgically removed. This is to prevent portions of the tooth from breaking off and staying behind under the gums.

All teeth extractions are performed under local or general anesthesia, ensuring that you don't feel any pain during the procedure. When a tooth is in very poor health, it may be a very simple process extracting it, as the body often starts to break down the root of the teeth before them being pulled. In comparison, wisdom teeth tend to be pretty deeply set into the bone once they're pulled, sometimes making the process a little more complex.

Recovery Process

When it comes to recovery, you can pretty much expect the same thing you went through with your wisdom teeth. Your dentist will send you home with pain medication, and your mouth will likely still be numb from local anesthesia. You need to follow your medication's directions. Don't miss a dose, or the pain may build and be harder to control.

One thing to be careful with when you've had an ordinary tooth extracted is its position. Wisdom teeth are in the back, so eating soft foods while your gums heal up is easy. If your tooth was extracted closer to the front, take special care to not apply pressure to the area when you bite down or chew.


When wisdom teeth are taken out, all that's left to do is heal up. Since wisdom teeth are extracted due to a lack of space, they aren't replaced with anything. However, if you've had any other tooth extracted, replacement becomes a possibility. Bridges and dental implants can easily replace one or more teeth, while dentures can also be utilized if you have more teeth in a row extracted or missing. Your dentist will tell you more about these options when you have your tooth taken out.

For more insight, contact dental clinics that perform tooth extractions.