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Six Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay When You Need Denture Repairs

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Same-day repairs are a great solution when you're having problems with your dentures. That's because you don't want to put off denture repair when it's needed. As such, the following are six reasons why you shouldn't delay when you need denture repairs. 

You may have to put up with discomfort.

If your dentures don't fit properly or are damaged in some ways, chances are high that they are uncomfortable to wear. The sooner you have your dentures repaired, the sooner you will be able to comfortably use your dentures again. 

The condition of your dentures could get worse if you delay.

Continuing to use damaged dentures — whether they are broken or don't fit properly — is going to detract from denture condition. This means the problem could get worse until you can no longer even use your dentures.

Denture repairs will be more simple and faster if you have them done immediately after noticing the issue. 

It could cost you more money in the long run if you put off repairs.

Waiting to have your dentures repaired is likely to increase the resulting costs. If your dentures get worse while you wait, they'll be more expensive to repair. The issue will be especially expensive to correct if you end up needing to replace them entirely. 

Delaying denture repair could cause dental problems.

There are numerous dental issues you could experience if you continue to use dentures. Using dentures that are problematic could be harmful to the condition of both your remaining teeth and your gums. Also, using problem dentures is likely to lead to mouth sores that could increase your chances of experiencing a viral infection or even mouth cancer. 

You may experience nutritional issues if denture problems lead to a restricted diet.

Discomfort in your teeth and mouth from dentures often make it harder to eat. This could result in your having to restrict your diet. A restricted diet over a significant period of time could lead to a nutritional deficiency that leaves you susceptible to a wide variety of health problems. As such, it is important to get your dentures repaired immediately.

You might have trouble speaking properly if your dentures are in need of repair.

Dental patients wearing dentures with a poor fit often have trouble talking properly. Pronunciation and communication issues can detract from your social and professional prospects. They can also cause you to lose confidence and leave you less motivated to socialize and meet new people. 

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