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Tips For Using A Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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Are you looking to make your teeth a few shades whiter, but want to try doing it at home? If so, you'll need to use a teeth whitening kit to get the best results. Here are some things to keep in mind before you start the whitening process. 

Read All The Directions

It's important that you don't just jump in with using a whitening kit and hope for the best. It may go without saying, but you should be reading all of the directions for your specific whitening kit. Even if you've used a whitening kit in the past, this new kit may have different instructions for how to use the whitening product. For example, there may be a different duration of time to leave a whitening gel on your teeth. 

Don't Leave The Whitening Product On For Too Long

The main problem that many people run into with teeth whitening products is thinking that they can make their teeth whiter a lot faster if they keep the product on their teeth for a longer period of time. This is not going to speed up the whitening product, but can actually cause damage to your teeth as a result. Don't be surprised if you start noticing that your teeth are much more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because you are weakening the enamel of your teeth by whitening your teeth for too long.

Consider Skipping Days If You Experience Sensitivity

Some people start experiencing teeth sensitivity when they start using a whitening product, which causes them to stop using the product in the middle of their treatment. If this happens to you, consider reducing the frequency of how often you use the whitening treatment so that your teeth have time or recover. For example, if it's a two-week treatment that is supposed to be done every day, consider making it a four-week treatment that you do every other day. 

Avoid Talking When Using A Whitening Kit

You may not realize that talking actually generates a lot of natural saliva in your mouth. This means that when it comes time to use a whitening kit you should avoid talking to keep your mouth as dry as possible. Saliva is what causes whitening strips and gels to be less effective, especially when you're unable to get those strips to stick to your teeth. Try taking the time to do something silent, such as reading a book, to see if it improves the whitening process. 

Talk to a dentist to learn more about teeth whitening kits.