The Truth About Dental Implants

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Your Dental Implant Procedure: What To Expect

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When you get dental implants, you have a variety of procedures or treatments that go into the entire dental process. Dental implants are special surgical structures that are permanently placed in your jawbone. Into these implants can be placed a variety of dental prosthetics or tooth replacements, including partial dentures, crowns, and other fixtures that can help improve your smile or repair parts of your teeth that need major work.

Getting a dental implant procedure done is nothing to be taken lightly. Prepare for this procedure by learning more about it, including what you have to have done before you can even have dental implants put in. Knowing what you need to have completed can help make the procedure much easier to undertake and there will be fewer unexpected things along the way.

Expect to have a full dental exam before your procedure

In order to have your dental implant procedure be a success, you have to have a full dental exam done. Your teeth have to be in great condition before any other extensive work can be done, similar to when you get braces or other dental procedures done. If you have any gum disease or tooth decay, dental treatments and gum cleanings will need to be done before you can have your dental implant procedure done.

Expect to have some discomfort following your procedure

Dental implants are put into your mouth by creating specific drilled holes in your jaw bone. These holes are filled with the dental implant, that looks similar to a screw. Expect some swelling, jaw discomfort, and facial stiffness following your dental implant procedure while your mouth heals. It may be several weeks — up to 12 — before you feel fully healed, but your discomfort should be easily managed and get less uncomfortable as the days go by.

Expect to have to wait to get the full results of your procedure

Any dental fixtures that you want placed into your dental implants, including crowns or bridges, will have to wait to be put in until your jawbone has healed enough around the dental implant. Once the posts are put in, then you can continue with the end part of your dental implant procedure. Your dentist will require you to undergo a few exams while you heal to ensure that your implants are healing nicely and there is no infection to worry about. Once your dental implant procedure is completed, you can enjoy your new and improved smile.