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Invisalign, Zoom Whitening, And The Questions You Need Answers To

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You want a movie star smile. From Invisalign to Zoom whitening, your dentist can help you to get the straight, bright, white teeth you deserve. Before you begin your smile transformation, take a look at the answers to the top questions dental patients have about these cosmetic treatments.

Why Choose Invisalign as a Cosmetic Option?

Your teeth aren't as straight as you'd like. If years in metal brackets and wires doesn't appeal to you, you may be pleased to learn that clear aligners:

  • Are removable. As an adult you have social and work situations that require a non-metallic smile. While you can't remove the trays for long periods or often, you can take them out for special occasions.
  • Are comfortable. Metal brackets can irritate the inside of your lips, lead to sores, and cause discomfort. Clear aligners won't cause these problems.
  • Are attractive. You won't necessarily have to remove the aligners to have a fresh, clean look. The clear material makes this option almost unnoticeable.

Along with straightening your teeth, whitening them can change the look of your smile. Read on for more information on the next step to take after aligners.

Why Choose In-Office Whitening Over the DIY Version?

Whitening pastes, gels, trays, and strips are easy options that come with some advantages. Along with ease of application, these cosmetic alternatives are inexpensive and convenient to use. But they may not get the job done in the same way, or as quickly, as a professional-strength treatment.

If you're not sure which option to choose, in-office whitening:

  • Gives you the whitest smile. You won't get the pure bright celebrity smile of your daydreams with a toothpaste or paint-on gel, but your dentist can help you to achieve the look you want.
  • Can take less time. You don't have time sit with strips on your teeth or trays in your mouth day after day. An in-office whitening treatment can brighten your smile in one visit.
  • Can save you money. Even though the initial cost is often more or an in-office procedure, you won't need to constantly spend on tubes of special paste, strips, gels, or other products.

Do you still have questions about whitening? Your dentist can answer them. Discuss the pluses of this option with a dentist before you decide. Bring specialized needs (such as medical or dental conditions) to the dentist's attention in this conversation.

Whether you choose Invisalign, Zoom whitening, or another in-office option, this is the start of a new smile and a new you.