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Temporary Dentures – Are They Worth The Investment?

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Has the time come for you to have your bad teeth removed and make the transition into dentures? If so, your dentist will likely ask you if you want temporary dentures to wear while your permanent dentures are made. Are temporary dentures worth the investment? Here, you'll find a few reasons why temporary dentures are worth every cent you spend on them.

Immediate Placement after Extractions

One of the greatest selling points of temporary dentures is the fact that they can be put in place immediately after the bad teeth are extracted. So when you go in for your extractions, you will not have to leave with a gummy grin – you'll have a set of teeth in place.

Not only will this help make you feel better about the extraction process, but it will also help to control the healing process. Since the denture is put in place as soon as the teeth are extracted, the swelling and bleeding will be more controlled. You will be instructed to keep the denture in place until you return a day or two later for a checkup. If you take it out before then, you might not be able to get it put back in without causing a great deal of discomfort.  At that point, the dentist will remove the denture, check your stitches and make sure that there are no infections forming.

Lastly, the denture will make it much easier for you to eat as your mouth heals. Your permanent dentures will take several weeks to complete, but you can wear the temporary denture while you wait and still be able to eat a fairly normal diet. Yes, you'll still have to stick with softer foods, but you won't experience the food getting stuck in the extraction holes and poking into your open wounds causing all sorts of pain.

Backup Teeth

Your temporary denture can be kept in a case, in clean water, inside your fridge. As long as you change the water once a month or so, they will remain in good condition until you need them.

Dentures don't always last forever. You may have dropped it and broken it, or bitten into something that breaks the denture. Another problem arises when the permanent denture doesn't fit properly anymore. Your mouth will change over the years – e.g. the bones can begin to break down, you can lose a lot of weight – and if the denture isn't fitting right, it will need to be relined. This will require the dentist to keep the dentures for at least a day. The temporary denture can be worn anytime your permanent dentures need repairs.

Talk with your dentist to learn more about temporary dentures.