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Invisible Braces: 3 Tips

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As an adult, you might feel self-conscious if your teeth are uneven and crooked. Your parents may never have gotten braces for you, but you can still correct your own teeth with invisible braces such as Invisalign. In fact, these braces often don't look anything like traditional braces; generally, they will instead look a lot like clear retainers. Because they're not very noticeable, you can correct your teeth without being too embarrassed because people are unlikely to notice them. However, for proper straightening, use these tips.

1. Keep Them In

Being able to slide your brace trays in and out whenever it suits you can provide flexibility. However, if you're without them for long periods, they won't be able to accomplish the goal of straighter teeth. Therefore, ensure that the trays are inside your mouth most of the day so that you can get a straighter smile sooner. Get used to wearing them so they're comfortable and unnoticeable as you go throughout your day.

2. Beware of Beverages

To prevent food from getting caught between teeth and braces, you're likely to remove the brace trays whenever you're having a meal. However, you may feel confident that drinks won't create any problems and drink tea, soda, and other beverages without removing them -- especially if you're trying to keep those braces in. However, your desire to remain compliant with good practices shouldn't make you risk staining both the trays and your teeth.

Any substance that can stain your teeth will also affect your invisible braces. While you might not want to take out the trays constantly, think about using straws or switching over to water during the period that you've got the braces.

3. Avoid Toothpaste

Cleaning these braces is vital, just like it's important to brush your teeth. You may put some toothpaste on a brush and run it through the brace trays, but you could be degrading the braces without even knowing it. Traditional toothpastes are formulated with varying numbers of abrasive agents. While that's effective for tooth enamel, it's not wise for the materials that make up your new braces. In fact, it could scratch the trays and leave them looking less than perfect. In fact, toothpaste could leave behind a thin layer of buildup. That could make the brace trays look dull.

Your teeth can more easily straighten when you're using some invisible brace trays. Follow through with these suggestions for a fantastic smile. Your orthodontist will have more specific guidelines.