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Three Options For Addressing A Severely Damaged Tooth

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When a tooth has suffered extensive damage, it can be a painful problem to experience, along with being a cosmetically important issue. You will need to take steps to correct the damage that the tooth has suffered. Sadly, you may not be fully aware of the treatment options that exist for severe instances of tooth damage.

Tooth Reconstruction

A tooth reconstruction can be a popular option, as it will help to save the tooth that has suffered this damage. During the course of this treatment, the dentist will use dental bonding materials to gradually reshape the damaged tooth so that its original appearance will be restored. While this procedure will allow you to avoid the need to have the tooth removed, it can be somewhat expensive due to the fact that it may take the dentist a couple of hours in order to complete this procedure. The process calls for the dental bonding materials to fully dry before the next layer can be applied.

Dental Crown

In instances where the structural integrity of the tooth has been severely compromised, the only option for restoring the damage may be to install a crown. A dental crown will consist of a durable and strong shell that is placed over the damaged tooth. This shell will serve to reinforce the tooth so that it is better able to withstand the forces that can be experienced when you bite down. Typically, porcelain is used for the crown, but there are other materials that can be more affordable, such as ceramic or composite crowns. Dental crowns can be an effective long-term solution for this type of damage, but they will eventually need to be replaced due to their adhesive backing failing or the crown suffering extensive wear and tear.

Replacing the Tooth

There can be instances where the damage to the tooth is simply too extensive for it to be salvaged. If this is the case for your tooth, extracting it and replacing it will likely serve as the best options for addressing this problem. While you may not want to have one of your teeth extracted, this may be necessary to prevent infection from striking the damaged tooth or to prevent the tooth from completely crumbling. Luckily, you can opt for either a dental bridge or implant, so address this situation. The implant should be the preferred option for patients, as it will be the most permanent solution, but a dental bridge may be the more affordable option for correcting the cosmetic and functional problems caused by a missing tooth.

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