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Three Reasons To Visit Your Dentist During Pregnancy

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During your pregnancy, you'll need to stay on top of more than just prenatal visits. Regular checkups by your dentist can help you to prevent dental issues from arising throughout the pregnancy, and it can help you to keep your smile looking great too. Here are three more reasons you should consider scheduling a dentist checkup during your pregnancy.

Tooth Brushing And Morning Sickness

If you are experiencing morning sickness, you may find it difficult to brush your teeth in the morning. The taste of your toothpaste may exacerbate your nausea, or you may simply find that the act of brushing makes you feel worse. Talk to your dentist about brushing techniques that won't disturb your natural gag reflex, and ask about different options for bland or flavorless toothpaste. Together, you can find a way to keep your teeth clean and healthy while dealing with your morning sickness.

Bleeding Gums

Having tender or sore gums can be normal during pregnancy, but you may also experience bleeding that can be a sign of a more serious problem. Bleeding gums can be a sign of gingivitis, You may also have a pyogenic granuloma that bleeds during pregnancy. These are sometimes called "pregnancy tumors," though they are not true tumors. They can sometimes appear in the mouth during pregnancy, and your dentist can excise it for you in the office. If you experience regular bleeding of the gums during pregnancy, you should consider following up with your dentist after you give birth to ensure you don't have periodontal disease or any other more serious ailment.


Unfortunately, heartburn can be a normal part of pregnancy as well. While your dentist might not be the first person you think of to help you battle heartburn, he or she can be an important part of caring for this condition. Acid reflux from chronic heartburn can actually damage or teeth, according to some studies. Your dentist can monitor your tooth health throughout your pregnancy and determine if acid reflux has worn away enough of your tooth enamel to warrant adding crowns, veneers, or performing other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Remember that you'll likely want to delay any cosmetic procedures until after the baby is born to minimize risks associated with medical and dental procedures during pregnancy.

Talk to your dentist about any concerns you might be having during your pregnancy, and come up with a plan together that helps to keep your teeth looking great. Contact a company like Persona  Dental to get started.