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Picture-Perfect Smile Without Irritating Your Gums: 3 Ways To Avoid Gel Leakages With Teeth Whitening Treatments

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To get a picture-perfect smile, you should highly consider getting your teeth professionally whitened. Although the whitening gel can potentially bleach your teeth and remove stains, the chemicals, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, can irritate your gums if the gel comes into contact with them by causing a chemical burn. This usually happens when the gel leaks out from the tray. If you would like the beauty without the pain, here are 3 ways that you and your dentist can avoid gel leakages when performing teeth whitening treatments.

Avoid Filling Up With Too Much Whitening Gel

One of the easiest ways for the whitening gel to leak out of its tray is if you use too much. It's important to apply the whitening gel sparingly into the trays to prevent them from leaking out. You actually don't need a lot of the whitening gel to get the results you desire. All you need is a little bit. If you or your dentist accidentally apply too much gel, make sure to wipe the excess away before fitting the gel over your teeth.

Protect the Gums with a Cover

While it can be difficult for you to protect your gums if you're whitening your teeth alone, a dentist should be able to easily cover up your gums before inserting the trays. Before you begin any teeth whitening treatments, make sure you discuss the procedure with your dentist in order to determine whether they are going to use anything to cover up exposed gums. Most dentists will apply a plastic cover over your gums. The cover not only protects your gums from gel leakages, but also from the ultraviolet light that is used in the procedure.

Use Custom-Fitted Trays

Most dentists will usually give you two options to choose from. You can either use a standard fitted tray where one size and shape is meant to fit all, or you can get custom fitted trays that are designed to perfectly fit your teeth and mouth. Custom-fitted trays are less likely to cause gel leakages and will also give you a better finish and result, as the whitening gel will be better distributed.


If you've noticed that your gums get irritated after you get your teeth whitened, it might be time to discuss the possibility of implementing one or more of these solutions with your dentist. It's imperative that you let your dentist know the moment that you feel any irritation so that they can correct the issue as soon as possible. Contact a dental office like Pinon Hills Dental for more information.