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Three Common Misconceptions About Full Mouth Reconstructions

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Dental problems can often be devastating. Not only are oral health issues typically painful, but they can have a range of additional effects from loss of confidence to difficulty eating and speaking. If you suffer from multiple dental problems, then it may feel as if these problems are simply building on top of one another. While individually treating each problem is sometimes an option, there are considerable advantages to getting a full-mouth reconstruction procedure. Full-mouth reconstructions provide the opportunity to tackle all of your dental problems at once, allowing you to build a healthy smile from the ground up.

Despite the benefits of this procedure, many patients have serious misconceptions about it. This article will help to debunk three common myths.

Misconception #1: You Will Lose All of Your Natural Teeth

Although a full reconstruction procedure aims to address the patient's whole mouth, this does not mean that every tooth must be extracted. Instead, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth to determine an appropriate approach for each of them. In cases extreme enough to warrant a full-mouth reconstruction, this will often involve several extractions and implants. Healthy teeth may be left in place, however, and options such as crowns may be better suited for other teeth. Most dentists will attempt to save as many natural teeth as possible, even in severe cases.

Misconception #2: Full-Mouth Reconstructions Are Cosmetic Procedures

Everyone wants a better smile, but that doesn't mean that major dental work is always performed for purely aesthetic reasons. Tooth decay, tooth loss, and a variety of other oral health issues can have a significant impact on functionality. As these issues build up, basic day-to-day tasks can quickly become difficult or painful. While reconstructions always aim to produce an attractive smile, many patients opt for these procedures for much more practical reasons.

Misconception #3: All Reconstructions Are The Same

Every mouth is unique, and every reconstruction is unique as well. In fact, it is a common misconception that a full-mouth reconstruction is a single procedure. Instead, it is a holistic plan that is likely to involve a large number of procedures performed over many months. If you choose to take this route, your dentist will work with you to craft the smile you want, taking into account your budget, the health of your existing teeth, and your preferences. Once you have completed your plan, you will be left with a much higher level of functionality along with the exact smile that you want.