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3 Important Things To Know When You Hate Visiting The Dentist

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Are you in need of dental work? Have you been putting it off because you have anxiety regarding going to the dentist? Whether you have mild anxiety or a full-blown phobia, you're not alone. Although it might feel like you're unique, almost nobody would ever claim that they actually like going to the dentist. While simply knowing this fact doesn't make dental visits any easier, it can empower you to start looking for solutions. Some things that might help you get up the courage to visit a dentist include the following. 

1. Better anesthetics: If it's been more than a few years since you last visited a dentist, you might be hesitant to go because of pain caused during your last visit. Fortunately, there are more options for anesthetics that can be used by dentists than there would have been a decade or more ago. Since some anesthetics work for some people and not for others, this means that it is now much more likely that you'll have a pain-free experience during your next dental procedure. If you're concerned about the possibility of pain, this is something that you should discuss with your dentist when you go in for your initial exam & consultation. 

2. Go elsewhere: Some people never look for other dental practices because they assume that they have no other options. However, you should know that you always have options. If you don't get along with your dentist or otherwise don't feel like his or her treatment options are in your best interests, you can leave and seek out a dentist who will be better able to serve you and your needs. While this might initially be an inconvenience, being comfortable with your dentist is important to your overall dental health and is something you shouldn't be afraid to do.

3. Full sedation: For people who have severe phobias, some dentists offer full sedation even for very basic procedures. If you are unable to even think about visiting a dentist without having your anxiety levels rise, full sedation may be an option for you. Since this isn't something that every dentist office is able to offer, you should ask about this possibility when contacting the office for the first time. Even if they don't offer this as a service, they might know of or be able to recommend a dental office that will be able to do this for you.