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3 Reasons Why Getting Your Teeth Whitened Professionally Is Better

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When it comes to having white teeth, you have a few choices on how you can get there. Whitening your teeth at home is a process that can work, but it's not the best choice. If you want the whitest smile you've ever had with additional benefits, the only way you should be whitening your teeth is by visiting your dentist. Here are three main reasons why it's just better to have your teeth whitened professionally.

1. Quick Results

Tooth whitening products used at home can take a long time to start showing results. Depending on the one that you choose, results can take as long as several weeks. Unfortunately, that can leave you disappointed with your appearance and give you the general feeling that you've wasted money.

Dentists can often produce a white smile for you in just one visit. Dentists have access to stronger tooth whitening products and special tools like whitening lights that can improve the look of your teeth in a single stop.

2. Protected Gums

One of the biggest problems with using whitening products at home is that they can hurt your gums. The peroxide and other chemicals used in home tooth whitening products can irritate and damage the delicate tissue of your gumline if you get even a little of the whitening product on your gums.

While peroxide is a useful tool for fighting bacteria and whitening teeth, it's not meant to be left on gums. Peroxide can actually damage tissues, especially if left in place for a long time. It's likely to make your gums itch or burn, too, so it's not pleasant. Dentists use special coatings to protect your gums and to ensure that the whitening substance doesn't come in contact with them. You'll leave your whitening treatment with your gums feeling as good as they did when you came in.

3. No Risk of Worsening Enamel Damage

Finally, the problem with one size fits all tooth whitening is that the product you buy may not be addressing your problem and could instead be making it worse. When your teeth are discolored, there are usually two potential causes. One is that pigment has been left behind in the enamel of your teeth due to drinking things like coffee. The other is that your enamel has become thin enough to show the non-white surfaces of your teeth.

Peroxide-based whitening products break down the outer layer of build-up on a tooth, which makes them great for getting rid of coffee stains. However, if you have weakened enamel and that's the cause of your discoloration, these products could harm your enamel further. Dentists are able to assess the exact cause of your stained teeth and act accordingly. If you have enamel damage, your dentist will correct that first and then take action to whiten your teeth without hurting them.

Dental whitening is the most effective and safest way to get the white smile you're looking for. Put down the home products that leave you disappointed or in pain and talk to your dentist to set up an appointment. For more information, contact your local teeth whitening services.