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How To Care For Teeth After Professional Whitening

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Did you recently have professional teeth whitening done by your dentist? If so, you'll be looking for ways to maintain that bright smile for as long as possible. Your teeth run the risk of returning back to a yellow color if you go back to your habits. That is why it helps to know how you can care for those recently whitened teeth.

Give Up Smoking

If your teeth become yellow due to a smoking habit, now is the time to drop it for good.  Start looking into ways that you can get yourself to stay away from cigarettes, even if it means switching to an alternative form. For instance, nicotine gum and electronic cigarettes can give you a nicotine boost without damaging your teeth.

Avoid Foods That Stain

Some foods are more prone to stain your teeth than others.  Stay away from dark beverages and foods immediately after your whitening procedure. Foods include dark fruits and vegetables, such as beets and berries. Common dark beverages include soda, coffee, and grape juice.  Thankfully, you can still enjoy the beverages if you use straws to prevent the drink from touching your teeth.

Use At-Home Whitening

Ask your dentist about a whitening treatment you can use at home that will continue to keep your teeth white. They may recommend a specific at-home whitening kit that will be a good solution to keep your teeth white, yet will not cause any enamel damage.  If you notice your teeth losing that ideal shade of white, your dentist can also give you whitening gels and plastic trays that you wear at night. 

Switch to a New Toothpaste

While those whitening toothpastes may not have done much to whiten your teeth when they were at their worst, they can do a good job at keeping them white after a whitening procedure.  Consider switching to a toothpaste designed to promote whitening, which should help them maintain their current brightness.

However, a whitening procedure can also leave your teeth more sensitive.  During those first few weeks, consider using a toothpaste that will fight sensitivity issues.  It will make the teeth less sensitive to hot and cold foods, making the transition period after the whitening procedure a bit easier.

These are just a few tips for what you should do to care for your teeth after professional whitening. For more tips, speak to a dental office like Wallington Dental to find out what they advise.