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3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Can Change Your Smile

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Cosmetic dentists specialize in treatments that help improve both the appearance and the functionality of your teeth. Because of this, a lot of people come to them who would like to improve the look of their smile. There are some truly incredible procedures that can be done and three of them will be discussed here.  


One cosmetic procedure that can improve every single tooth in your mouth is the bonding of veneers to your teeth. Veneers are porcelain caps that are bonded permanently to your teeth, so they essentially become your new tooth. Veneers are great if you do not like the size or shape of multiple teeth, whether it be because they are misshapen, chipped, cracked, pointed, etc. You can choose how you would like each veneer to look, thus allowing you to essentially create the perfect smile.  When the veneers are put into place, a small portion of your regular tooth will be removed so the veneer can fit perfectly into place.


Another excellent cosmetic dental procedure involves the process of placing dental crowns onto dental implants. Dental implants are generally put into places where a root canal has been done, or where there is no longer a viable tooth left. The implant is connected with the actual jaw, just as a tooth would be. The dental crown is then made to look like a tooth and is attached directly onto the dental implant. The dental crown is created from porcelain, making it strong and durable just like an actual tooth. The presence of a dental crown gives you a beautiful tooth where before you either had a rotted tooth or a hollow space in your mouth.


Bridges are a lot like dental crowns, but instead of just covering a spot with one missing tooth, they can include multiple teeth. Often, if someone has a side of their mouth where several teeth are missing, they will have two dental crowns that are then attached by a dental bridge. This dental bridge is held into place using the dental implants beneath the crowns, so these teeth are highly functional and very secure. This gives you a mouth full of beautiful teeth when you may have only had half a smile before.

Cosmetic dental procedures, such as veneers, dental crowns, and bridges can make a world of difference when it comes to feeling confident and loving your smile. Contact a dentist, like Rutherford Gregory S DDS , for more help.