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4 Ways to Improve Your Brushing Routine

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Like most adults you probably brush your teeth each and every day. In fact, you might not pay it any mind and do it while examining your face, thinking of other things or catching a few moments of the morning or evening news. In fact, your brushing routine may need some work and you don't even realize. Start focusing on the things below to improve your brushing game.

Use Soft Bristles

The most vital tool for any brushing regimen is the brush. If you already know you should be getting and using a new toothbrush periodically, you could still be ignoring a possible problem: the bristles. A natural inclination is to select harder bristles. You might imagine soft bristles are for children and can't scrub well.

In fact, softer bristles are better for your mouth. Harder ones could wear down enamel with repeated use, perhaps making your teeth more sensitive. Not only that, but softer bristles can be easier on gums,which you should be brushing too.

Take Your Time

A common mistake is to quickly slide your toothbrush around your mouth, spit and rinse so you can continue the day. This can mean enough attention wasn't given to the process or your teeth. It's easy to understand why so many adults aren't spending enough time brushing. Make adequate time for brushing all sides of teeth and ensuring you're reaching all of them well.

You may wonder if there's a certain golden number of minutes or seconds you should be aspiring to. There is some debate on the topic but generally one commercial break is more than enough time.

Change Starting Positions

It's wise to be aware that you're probably always brushing in a repetitive way, always beginning with the lower left jaw, for example. That will usually mean that's the area where the most scrubbing happens, before you rush to make your way throughout your mouth. To keep things creative and endure all your teeth get the same effort, consciously decide to make a mental note of where you've been starting so you can begin in a totally different way next time.

Watch Yourself

It can also be wise to watch yourself brushing. That means you won't be distracted and can work on your technique. The attention alone could improve how you're cleaning your teeth.

The guidance here can help place your attention on your brushing regimen so it can be better. Talk to a local dentist or click here to read more ideas.