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Why Invisalign Braces Are An Excellent Choice For Kids With ADHD

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Invisalign braces are braces that pop in and out of your mouth while correcting your teeth. They do not rely on metal wires or brackets. For most people, they are a cosmetic choice. For others, such as kids with ADHD, they are the perfect solution to many of the issues these kids would have or would experience with traditional braces. 

No Picking at the Wires or Brackets

Kids with ADHD may pick at the wires or brackets all day long. They are a distraction in an already distracting world for these youngsters. The sensations felt via the lips, cheeks and tongue over the traditional braces would only cause these kids to twitch and wiggle more, and may even result in behavior that involves picking at the wires or brackets. If the brackets or wires are broken or come loose at school, your child with ADHD would have to leave the classroom and sit in the office until the school can reach you for advice.

Invisible braces, however. are smooth and not nearly as distracting. They are comfortable to wear, and while your child may be tempted to pop them in and out, he or she would quickly tire of this and just leave them in. It is also easier to redirect a child with ADHD from removing the invisible braces than it is to redirect him/her from the metal wires and brackets of traditional braces.

Comfort and Less Distraction

When kids with ADHD are comfortable, they are less of a distraction to themselves and others. If they wear things that are distracting to them (e.g., itchy wool sweaters, tight pants, sharp metal braces), they are more apt to act up and act out. These things are distracting to them and they try to get comfortable when they are not. The only thing that can be done in this situation is to make sure the child has more comfortable clothes, softer textures and smooth as glass invisible braces. If you remove the uncomfortable things and replace them with comfortable things, your child will do better in school.

If your child still wants to avoid wearing his or her invisible braces, or wants something else important to him/her, invisible braces can provide the means to bargain with your child. If he/she wants to take them out for an hour or so, not only can you do that, but you can use that as a reward for good behavior or for focusing on something that needs to be done. You can also use proper wearing of the braces as the means to receiving something the child has asked for, such as a toy or going to the movies, etc. You cannot do any of that with traditional braces.