The Truth About Dental Implants

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Are You A Viable Candidate For Dental Implants?

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If you have one or more permanent teeth missing or have recently been told by your dentist that you need to have a tooth extracted, then you might be understandably concerned about the appearance of your smile. The good news, however, is that there are restorative options available to you. Dental implants are one of the most popular restorative options following the loss of one or more adult teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Specifically, dental implants are meant to mimic the look and feel of a real tooth, and they can serve as a permanent replacement for a lost tooth. A dental implant procedure begins with the surgical implant of a post within the jaw bone. This post will hold the implant securely in place. Once the post is in place and the dentist is confident there is no risk of infection, a crown that looks and feels like the patient's real tooth is placed on top of the post to complete the implant.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Many people who have lost teeth are viable candidates for dental implants, but you will need to schedule a consultation with a dentist who offers this procedure in order to find out whether or not this is the case for you. There are instances where dental implants may simply not be feasible, such as with patients who have advanced stages of periodontal disease. In these instances, the jaw bone may simply not be strong enough or substantial enough to support the implant post permanently.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

In the event that your dentist cannot recommend dental implants as a restorative option, the good news is that there are alternatives to consider. For example, if you have multiple lost teeth, you might consider full or partial dentures to restore the appearance of your smile. Another option would be a dental bridge. Even though this isn't a permanent option, it is a great and affordable way to restore the look of your smile so that nobody can tell you're missing any teeth.

Overall, dental implants are a great choice for people who have lost teeth and want to permanently restore their smiles. And while not everybody is a candidate for the procedure, most people are. If you're interested in dental implants, be sure to schedule a consultation with your dentist so you can find out whether or not they're right for you.