The Truth About Dental Implants

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5 Questions Patients Have About Tooth Implants

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Facing major dental problems is never a pleasurable prospect. Even less desirable is the prospect of permanently losing a tooth. While the idea of tooth loss may be upsetting for you, many patients find comfort in knowing that their smile doesn't have to be at risk. Dental implants make keeping your smile intact easier than ever. Below are 5 unexpected questions some patients have regarding their new teeth. 

What Types of Sedation are Used?

The first question some patients have is whether they must be awake or can be under anesthesia during the implant procedure. With so many people afraid of dentists, it's no wonder folks have questions about the sedation they can expect during the procedure.

Most patients are given nothing more than a local anesthetic. This allows the procedure to take place without pain or discomfort, without the risks of general anesthesia. However, many patients opt for heavier sedation in order to avoid panic. Talk with your dentist about your preferences while planning phases of your procedure.

Will Dental Implants Cause Problems at the Airport?

By now, many people are familiar with the security protocols of the TSA. For patients with dental implants, walking through the metal detector can be unnerving. Will you have to be separated from your family and frisked to ensure you don't have concealed weapons?

The answer is no. The metal parts used in dental implants are very small, and titanium is less dense than other metals, which makes it less likely to set off metal detectors, even if you have a large number of implants.

Do Dental Implants Increase Cancer Risk?

With the rise in the natural healthcare movement, some dental procedures have come under fire. Root canals and dental implants are chief among those procedures, because they are two of the more radical dental alterations. So do implants actually cause cancer?

No, dental implants are not linked with cancer. That is not to say they are completely free of risk. Any dental procedure comes with a certain amount of risk, but dental implants, because of the extensive nature of the procedure, carry a slightly higher risk of nerve damage. Hiring a competent, experienced dentist to do your implants will go a long way in helping prevent such problems.

Can You Customize Your Implants?

Some people not only use dental implants to replace missing teeth, but to customize their look. It's possible for dental implants to change a lot about how your smile looks and how your teeth function when done correction. 

Patients of cosmetic dentists, and dentists who are experienced with tooth implants, have discovered that they can design a look they love. Some patients have even had novelty implants put in to make themselves look like vampires!

After Getting Implants, Will You Ever Have Another Toothache?

Many people with implants turn their attention toward the future. If you've suffered with many dental problems and a lot of tooth pain, you may be wondering if having all your teeth replaced with implants will ensure that you'll never have another toothache.

To the dismay of an unlucky few, it is possible for dental pain to continue to be a problem after implants are placed. Once again, hiring an experienced dental implant dentist will help prevent this, but an unfortunate minority of dental implant patients experience jaw pain and tenderness after the procedure. Sometimes infections can still be present in the jaw bone, even though all the teeth are missing. Good hygiene can help prevent this problem.

As you can clearly see, deciding to get dental implants is both exciting and daunting. Don't be afraid. Ask your dentist all of your questions, no matter how weird they are, and get ready to have your beautiful smile back. Click here for more info to ensure all your questions are answered.