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Make Someone's Holiday: 3 Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

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Are you looking for a very special gift to give to that very special someone? You should consider a gift that the recipient will use and appreciate every day for a long time to come. If the gift enhances that person's self-esteem or gives them some well-deserved luxury or pampering, that is all the better. Your special someone, whether they are a spouse, significant other, child, best friend, or family member, deserves only the best. Give some real thought into giving them an incredibly memorable gift this year and you can be their hero (or heroine).

Here are three suggestions for amazing gifts that your loved one is practically guaranteed to adore.

1. A Year's Worth of Spa Treatments

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being pampered and treated like the most special person in the world that comes with getting spa treatments. If you are going big with the gifts this year, consider giving your special someone the gift of luxury, relaxation, and beauty that comes with spa treatments.

Most spas sell gift certificates. Find one near you that does, and get your loved one a year's worth of weekly spa gift certificates. Try to arrange it so the amount of each week's gift certificate will cover at least one treatment (or two or more smaller treatments).

Common services offered at spas appeal to both men and women. Men like to look and feel good, too, after all. Your loved one will be able to enjoy such things as:

  • Massages
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Hair styling
  • Makeup applications
  • Facials
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Body wraps
  • Sauna therapy

2. The Gift of Good Teeth

If your special person is self-conscious about their teeth and you know it, you can fix it this Christmas. There are a variety of cosmetic services that dental insurance doesn't cover. Choose one that fits in with your loved one's needs and what they have said before regarding their teeth and how they feel about them. You could get them professional tooth whitening, invisible braces, a set of crowns to cover up bad teeth, or even dental implants to give them a whole new smile.

If you are going for dental implants, you should give your loved one dental implants information beforehand and get their feelings about this procedure. Dental implants can transform a person's entire smile from drab to fantastic in a day, but according to, the procedure is major oral surgery. Make sure it is something they want before getting it for them as a gift (you can get an idea of their feelings on the matter and still make the gift a surprise). For more info, talk to a local dentist or oral surgeon. 

3. A More Youthful Face

As people get older, the collagen in their face that keeps it firm, smooth, and lifted starts to diminish. Then, the skin on the face will gradually start to wrinkle and sag. The good news is that there are treatments to correct this. These treatments can be done in a day or less and don't involve surgery, such as in a traditional facelift. Treatments to make facial skin more youthful is a great gift.

You can choose from such things as:

  • Dermal fillers to fill in the folds and hollows, and lift sagging skin
  • Botox to tighten and smooth wrinkles
  • Laser skin tightening to create a more lifted, smooth face

The best way to give this gift is to get your special someone a consultation with an aesthetician or dermatologist to determine the best procedure for them. Then, you can pay for the procedure your loved one and the face transformation professional decided on together.


There's nothing quite like surprising your loved one with a gift that will enhance their self-esteem and last for a year or even years. It will be a gift they will always remember. Plus, you get to be the amazing person who gave them such a special Christmas. It's a win-win, so start shopping for that amazing, memorable, personal gift today.